Dance classes

Dancing is not age restricted. In these classes you can experience ballroom dancing in new ways. Our Seniorentanzkreis gives you the option to review and hone earned skills as well as learn new techniques. Dancing is a perfect way to stay fit and to meet new people. In the one and a half hour long classes there is in addition to dancing also time to chat and enjoy each others company.

Without partner

Dancing without a partner is absolutely no problem. In our Club Agilando you learn sequences from gymnastic as well as classical dances. There is no need for a dance partner, since it is danced in a group. You are in great company and can forget the meandering daily routine as well as doing something good for your body..

Tea Time Dancing

Every Wednesday starting at 13:15 (1:15 pm) we offer the possibility of a free practice session.

The Dance Teachers

Das KULT Team

We offer everything from Walz to Salsa and Discofox, as well as weddings and dance events. Our membership at the German Dance Teacher Association (ADTV) guarantees the highest quality.

Brautwalzer, Hochzeitstanzkurs, Crashkurs

Dance for Seniors in Munich

50+ is not the time to stop learning new things - quite the opposite.

Dance is effective and fun health care. This is one reason why the health insurance BKK24 is a partner of our Club Agilando. Dancing is one of the most effective and pleasant physical activities, especially for the elderly. Through tension in the body and movement one strengthens the muscles and bones, an excellent prevention for Osteoporosis. Dance also strengthens the cardiovascular system. Most importantly: it is an effective way to counteract dementia by unconsciously training both sides of the brain, the logical and the creative side. The memory is trained intensively through learning of new step and figure combinations in a rhythmic context. In short, dancing is brain jogging and a barrier against cognitive decline! Several studies have proven this successessful approach: Since 2008 the University of Bochum (RUB) has conducted several studies on the positive effects of dancing on the aging process. The results were consistently positive.


To guarantee best quality in our courses, we employ only professional dance teachers and coaches. Our team consists of young and modern people. For all employees the quality of teaching is paramount and is constantly being improved by regular training.

Privacy Policy

Member of ADTV

Most German citizens learn dancing in one of the approximately 800 ADTV dance schools. ADTV, the “German Dance Teacher Association”, is the largest association of its kind in the world with over 2,600 members throughout Europe.


How to get there

Anfahrt mit dem Auto über die Adresse Altheimer Eck 14 – 80331 München. In 15m Laufweite befindet sich ein großes Parkhaus.


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